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Purchase cialis with mastercard for 50$ and it works fine for now, but it isnt working anymore for me :/ I got new card the other day with no problem so if there actually is a problem with this card the link could be fixed, but i dont know how they do it with one card. I used a card with the same number but i doubt it is the issue :/ Reply Delete Wow, I can't wait to try this. That's a helluva deal, though. I would be thrilled if you could fix that error message. Reply Delete I've had the same issue with my card. I'm curious if others have had this issue too. Reply Delete I got a card with no problem, but it would be great if could fix the error... that's been bugging me since it was purchased a few weeks ago. It would be awesome if maybe, once you got it, could set it up and then would work not cause you any problems at all. Reply Delete I got a new MasterCard today (Nov 29). The card itself is fine, only thing annoying with it is that if i open the card internet connection would stop working for about a minute and then it would just work for a couple minutes before needing to be rebooted. It doesnt do that with any other card I have purchased. How would do that with the new MasterCard? Can you recommend a link for anyone needing help with this? Thanks Reply Delete Oh, I've been experiencing the same. This card seems to be the only ones that Colchicine prices generic are getting the error message. Seems like there are 3 cards, two new and 1 old (the one was new around June 13 th ), and the old one just isn't working. I haven't gone to the card office get it fixed until now because I'm a bit worried the credit union is going to charge me a fee. :( Reply Delete @Cory: You don't have 2 old cards, the card has just been sitting with no use for a couple years. The card does work without issues with any other card, so maybe it will fix itself. I've set up another MasterCard online but it doesn't seem to be connected anything. I just hope the issue is resolved before I go to have it fixed. Thanks for any help, I didn't even know someone had done this. My current card is a new I got in June. I've tried a couple of different cards in online stores, but none work for me. Reply Delete It's definitely a MasterCard and your credit card that they're reporting fraud against. I did a search for "MasterCard Card Error Report" and got plenty of similar posts. Your card is a bit hard to find (most places only show it as either an Visa or a JCB), but there are plenty of other posts on the subject as far I can see. Reply Delete How can you get the card issuer's number off a old card? I could look at all the information on my own cards, but I'm not exactly qualified to be an insurance claims adjuster. Reply Delete How do you have the MasterCard number in first place? There isn't much info on the internet about it, so I am online degree programs for pharmacy having some difficulty getting it. Reply Delete A card is card. They are the exact same thing, right? So if I purchase them they are only good for whatever number I purchase then, right? Reply Delete The MasterCard website still has a "card not present" error in the fraud field.

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